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My aim is to treat the whole person through the use of Reflexology where working on the feet has an holistic effect on the whole body. Therapies offered include:

Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage, Maternity Care

Appointments are only available at The Centre of Complementary Medicine, 20 Lavant Street, Petersfield GU32 3EW. Appointments can be booked in person or by phoning 01730 231655. More information about The Centre is available at www.theCentre-Petersfield.co.uk 

A one hour appointment costs £30 (£35 for the first one) and involves taking some personal details as well as a medical history to establish that there are no reasons why Reflexology cannot be given. Special offers are sometimes available, please enquire at the time of booking your appointment. I also operate corporate disount schemes, please contact me direct for more information.

Gift vouchers are available and can make a very welcome present for that special person in your life who needs to be encouraged to take some "me" time. These can be bought either direct from me or through The Centre as above.

There are so many aspects to healing, not the least being the ability to relax and allow stress to leave your body. More information on stress is given below.  Empower yourself by allowing your body time to heal itself and make time for yourself now!

If you would like to contact me directly please e-mail Liz@notjustfeet.co.uk 

What is Reflexology?

It is believed that the feet reflect the whole body; the structure and the various systems that make up our bodies. So by working on the feet you are effectively working on the whole body. Reflexology works by helping to bring the body back into homeostatis, or harmony, this in turn enables healing to take place naturally. Scientific research on Reflexology is in its infancy and there is not much data available but a quick search of internet will pull up a host of reports. 

It is suitable for all age groups, old and young, men and women. It is believed that Reflexology can also act as a preventative therapy, helping to keep everything in balance. One of the key benefits that has been researched is reduction in stress levels. Stress affects all of us in one form or another during our lives. Everyone can benefit from Reflexology. 

Reflexology is more than massage of the feet. It is believed that there are reflex points on the feet that correspond to specific areas of the body, e.g. the kidneys, and that by working these points  specific areas can be affected.

The use of some form of Reflexology has been traced back to at least 2300BC and it is widely believed that it has been practiced in one form or another by many civilisations across the world and spanning the centuries. Ancient Egyptian papyri have been found with drawings depicting feet being worked on in some manner that resembles modern reflexology. Similar drawings have also been found in the pyramids and tombs (e.g. Saquara). The Chinese practice of reflexology is based on the principles of channels travelling though the body that connect various parts throughout the body, in keeping with the teachings of acupuncture. The ancient Indian practice of Ayurveda uses a form of Reflexology on the feet, again using channels that connect the various parts of the body. Japanese Shiatsu similarly uses pressure points on the hands and feet working with similar channels to acupuncture.

In 1833 an English Physiologist, Marshall Hall, introduced the term "reflex action"  and the concept that was associated with this. Then in the 1890s Sir Henry Head of England conducted neurological studies which laid down the scientific foundations for modern reflexology. In 1917 Dr William Fitzgerald  and his colleague Dr Edwin Bowers (both American doctors) published a book explaining their method of zone therapy that built on previous works. then in the 1930s Eunice Ingham, another American, developed on their work and evolved "The Ingham Method of Compression Massage". It was not until 1960 that Eunice Ingham's work was brought over to the UK by one of her student's, Doreen Bayley, who then renamed it Zone Therapy - Reflexology.

In 1978 Doreen Bayley published Reflexology Today and this book is still published and available today. The practice of Reflexology has developed and flourished over the last 20 years plus, and in more recent times has been subject to clinical studies that are still ongoing.

Benefits that have been shown to be effective include

  • Relaxation

  • Stress Relief

  • Improved Circulation

  • Improved Energy Levels

  • Rebalancing of the whole body allowing natural healing to take place

  • Current research is now showing that Pain Management can be helped through Reflexology
  • More recently, evidence is showing that reflexology has a part to play in the later stages of pregnancy and may help with a natural birth


What happens during a treatment?

There is an initial consultation covering some personal details and medical information. Any information given is strictly confidential and is only used for your treatment. If during the initial consultation there is anything uncovered that prohibits a foot refelexology treatment you could be offered a hand reflexology treatment instead. This works in the same way as for the feet but does not usually last so long.

After this the treatment starts. As access to your feet is required you will need to remove socks or tights. It is not usually necessary to remove any other garments but if you are wearing tight trousers it may be necessary to remove them, especially for Thai Foot Massage.

There is an initial inspection of your feet after which a cream or balm is applied. Then, using relaxation techniques, the feet are relaxed before starting the actual reflexology treatment. There may occassionally be sensations felt in certain areas but there should never be discomfort. Most people generally find the whole sensation pleasurable and relaxing. My work at The Centre in Petersfield is carried out on a massage couch and you can either lie down and relax totally or sit-up and watch what's happening, or even chat! The choice is yours.

If there are specific medical issues being addressed, subsequent treatments may be tailored to work with them if this is felt appropriate. This is particularly true for certain conditions during pregnancy.

Reflexology and Pregnancy

Reflexology may help with a number of minor conditions that arise as a result of pregnancy. It may also help prepare the body for birth, helping in the natural process of labour by focusing on the production of Oxytocin, this needs to start around the 37th week and done regularly until birth. Self-help techniques are also provided during this time.


Some feedback I've had from some of my clients:

  • After the first treatment I had a day of feeling not too well, but the second day I felt really uplifted and able to cope with life. Both times, the feeling of genuine caring was truly lovely. Thank you (CK

  • I felt looked after and very relaxed (JM)

  • Very relaxing, lovely treatment (AS)

  • I found Liz's manner to be calm, professional and intuitive. The reflexology treatments I had were very relaxing and I benefited greatly from them in my final stage of pregnancy (AK)

  • The Reflexology treatment that I receive from Liz Cox is a powerful tool for de-stressing with broad and far reaching benefits (MH)



Stress is one of the most destructive things that we allow our minds and bodies to suffer. Most of the time we happily go about our lives unaware of the gradual changes taking place until suddenly something happens. We either, mentally have a problem and start to feel that we cannot cope with our life any more, or our body decides to become ill because it's had enough! All of us need to become more aware of stress and the effects it has on us, it's one of the most destructive things that we are all prone to. It's only by being aware of what is going on in our lives, and with our bodies, that we can take steps to preempt things and bring things back into balance. Then life becomes joyous again, and things begin to flow rather than feeling as though we're treading treacle or going against the flow.

There are many causes of stress, the most common being:

  • Finance
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Technology

and the effects can be physical, mental or emotional (or a combination of these), and the actual manifestation of it can vary from, sleeplessness, eating disorders, over-dependence on things like chocolate and alcohol, phobias, weight problems and anxiety to depression.


We all experience stress at some time during our lives but it's the way that we deal with it the matters so that it doesn't take over our lives, so we stay in charge. Some level of stress can even be beneficial by giving us motivation, this is all tied up with the original reason of how we evolved, stress helped us survive. There are many strategies for dealing with stress, such as meditation, relaxation, exercise, breathing exercises and of course Reflexology. They nearly all involve us making an effort, apart from Reflexology where the only real effort is to book an appointment! It is now widely recognised by health professionals that Reflexology can help people suffering with stress. It is a natural treatment that involves no drugs and is a way for someone to start taking control of their own recovery before things become critical.